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= Teenage Author & Poet =

A Young New England Poet

A. T. Nager, Connecticut Artist. The young author, a college student and already published poet, can't wait to let you read his poetry and fiction. He has been a passionate and talented writer since childhood.

These poems represent the best of his creations from about age fourteen or fifteen.

His submission at age 13 (an opinion article) won a statewide writing award from the Hartford newspaper in the category Informal Essay by a high school student.

While remaining anonymous, he sees himself as a sort of ghost of the highways, moving amid society and observing the world while remaining invisible. He cites the scientific notion of the Observer Effect, whereby the observer affects the outcome of the experiment essentially by becoming part of the scenario, however minute the interaction. He says (with a wry smile) it's a bit like Maxwell's Daemon and Schroedinger's Cat having an unexpected encounter in a backyard flower garden, with a sudden hissing fight resulting in flying fur and shredded petals.

The author hopes to become a professional novelist and editor after college. He completed his first full length novel at age 19: a science fiction novel titled Cosmopolis: City of the Universe. The novel is a sweeping future history of stunning complexity, to be released in summer 2017. Several New York publishing houses have expressed an interest in his work.

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