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About The Poem

One of my favorites. I had to stop in some university office for a routine matter. I can't remember what, and it doesn't matter. I had maybe never really been in an office filled with attractive, smart young women, so sure of themselves, at the height of their game. I was dazzled. All were young secretary or clerical types, and I was dazzled by the air of feminine perfume and beauty in the air all around me. Being a young man, here I was in a paradise of honestly sexual appeal radiating around me like a warm flood, like a day at the beach only they wore bangles and high heels and short dresses and had the most amazing figures. What can I say? I came away with a mixed sense of wonder and rebuff, because I think all the women in that office were slightly older, some in their twenties. I tried to capture the essence, the music, the jingle and the jangle in the air that day and forever all days in such places and moments. I was unfocused and out of place, and I think it shows in how disjointed my capture of the moment is. You either get it or you don't. I do. It is a perfect moment, a mosaic, captured in all of its glittering fragrant sexy smiling fragments that fit together perfectly.

Office Music

steno success

spring door
Coca Cola
**(see p.

dominant and.
stocks bru bra
broke the
bond paper
desk calendar

"Coffee with)

open door
"While I

a fly!
want to close
the door please?

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