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About The Poem

I was daydreaming about being under the surface of the ocean, and watching the alien world down there. It's a mirror of our own, but in a weirder way. The struggle of life and death, the killing, eating, from one moment to the next, is just as terrifying in your summer afternoon backyard, with all sorts of insects and birds and cats and what not at each others' throats in the fight for survival. It's the same thing down under, but with fins in a medium of water. For my purposes as an artist, there is an underlying rhythm to how thing float, and turn, and paddle this way or that. Then they strike, so fast you wouldn't believe there is water in the way. It's a solemn, dignified dance that goes on night and day. It has a magnetic, hypnotic quality that draws you to it like watching fire burning in a fireplace.


Velvet currents, silver bubbles
     in the deep
     below an amber water sky…
!To stand on a pearl dust planet
A million miles below a certain
          bobbing bow…
Among a billion fleeting shapes,
     (darting silver daggers
             gaping rusty discs
                hacksaw wings…)
     Here is death a quiet dream
     (barracuda fins
        puffs of red dark
           devil teeth gleaming through)
     the end of nothing.
Alien, I!
among the shards of Eden!

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