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Young New England Poet John T. Cullen


clickShort Collection: Highways. One of my first poetry publications was a quick, short sampler that I created (click the link) here in a folder titled Highways. I did a lot of hitch hiking in my youth, including a great, 5,000 mile thumb-journey across the USA from East Coast to West Coast, and down the West Coast from Portland, Oregon to Chula Vista, California. That's during my starving artist days after college & before joining the U.S. Army for a five year hitch in the center of Cold War Europe/NATO.

Cymbalist Poems. A companion volume to my age 27 romantic melancholy novel On Saint Ronan Street. Only one containing a few from my Army days, late 20sclick

October Leaf. Short teenage poetry anthology in the style in vogue mid-2010s. My one adult (60s) addition is the title, based on sensing beauty and mortality in an autumn

Calling Earth: Can Anyone Hear Me? A large selection of my early poetry; maybe a third of the large book compiled and never published at 23click.

Over the years, I had some poetry published in U.S. and Canadian literary magazines, and I garnered a fair amount of praise for both my poetry, fiction, and nonfiction from various sources. For example, in January 2008 I was pleasantly surprised to receive in the mail a personal rave fan mail from Ray Bradbury praising my Dark Fantasy novel The Christmas Clock. That is my own fresh, original homage to Charles Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol, with quite a bit of Ray Bradbury's dark and delicious fantasy in it as well. With the advent of digital and Internet publishing, I was free to publish all 425+ of my teen/twenties poems (twenty years, a virtual career in itself).

Quick Background. I began writing poetry from age 7 to age 27, a span of twenty years. That's a career in itself. I also wrote my first small novel at 11 (lost, but not forgotten) and completed my teenage novel at age 19 (Summer Planets, available in Kindle e-book at Amazon print editions. Full history at my websites including
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click Clocktower Books, my San Diego small press imprint
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Teenage Author. I became a professional writer at 17 as a summer interne newspaper reporter at the New Haven Journal-Courier (three summers). I remember having to take an evening off for graduation evening from high school. I had also written at least a hundred poems as I turned 18 that first summer, and I had written three or four drafts of what would (age 19) become my first full-length novel (covered at a companion website; click at right click).


click to read samplesTry A Few Quick Samples. I composed this poem at the height of my lyrical arc around 1970. See page 32 in October Leaf. Featured lead poem in On Saint Ronan Street novel. Lots more where this came from.


     We worship the Sun.

Even in our architectural criminalities
     is justice, as in the dagger's shining eye.

All light is the light of atoms and stars.

The moon and the knife
share splendor's distance.

The knife is on the Earth's dark side
—stabs but she does not whimper—
and the knife is
     miles, miles from the Sun,
     miles from the Moon.

The Moon is an eerie dream of the Earth head.

The knife is carried by a lunatic messenger
     who built the pyramids—
     drowsing tortoise herd in the desert.

     In the Sun.

But the Sun also shines
on the archaic sky line of New York.

     The winds there
(the windows are opera glasses)
     sing songs of empire.


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